What is a local food economy?

Simply stated, a local food economy is the portion of a city or region's total economy that is fueled by the buying & selling of locally grown/produced food.   

In most places this is a very small portion of the total economy because industrial agriculture and big box grocery stores dominate the food sector.  The good news is this market sector is ripe for disruption and new technologies are make innovation & efficiency gains possible today that have never been possible before. 

Each time a dollar is redirected from industrial agriculture and big box grocers to local growers and small business sellers the local food economy grows.  The great news is that keeping local dollars local of both the production & consumption side of the equation has a dramatically larger beneficial impact on a community than the current industrial agriculture / big box model.

FarmComm is making a selection of new agricultural  technologies available to forward thinking farmers & communities to help them bolster emerging local food economies across Texas & beyond.