Farm & Community

Local food & farm-product production is a great way to impact your community with engaging & healthy programs that bring people together and grow the economy.  

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets & community markets can be a great source of community pride & engagement.  They also represent one of the easiest ways for small businesses to get started.  Farmers markets are a great way to help promote & grow the agricultural sector of your economy and we would be glad to help your community plan & implement your market.  Custom software and business best practices are available, get connected with us and let us know how we can help.

Food Hubs

If your community already has a healthy, but small, local food & farm-product economy a food hub may be the next step in increasing economic activity and giving agricultural producers a larger market to grow for.  Food hubs can consolidate the crops from multiple producers into a sufficient volume to to meet  commercial demand and help save money on transport costs for local & regional restaurants & retailers.  Get connected with us and let us help you plan your communities next food hub.


If your organization or municipality is interested in pursue rural development or other grants dealing with local food promotion & production, agricultural education, agricultural entrepreneurship or a similar topic, let us help.  Depending on the grant & the project you want to implement we may be able to save you time and improve your chances of being awarded the grant.  Get connected with us and let us know what grants you want.

Community Non-profits

Agriculture is a great way to get diverse populations to work together for the common good.  Community gardens, urban farms, food prep & storage education and more are being done in cities across the country.  If you need help getting a community agriculture program designed, funded or launched get connected with us so we can help.


Encouraging & investing into the future of Ag Tech

Growing & changing economies takes well informed people.  We are pleased to be able to work with schools & educational programs to encourage students to learn about & explore new agricultural methods and technologies. 

AACAL Nerd Farmers

Thanks to a generous contribution by Plains Land Bank, and an introduction to MIT's Open Ag technology by FarmComm, three seniors from the Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning have built a Food Computer using MIT's plans.  These students will pave the way for future classes at AACAL to incorporate new & emerging agricultural technologies into the educational fabric of Amarillo and West Texas. 

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