Reach customers that want to buy local but don't go to farmers markets

100% free to sell + Easy inventory management

Use activation code: "farmcomm" when setting up your grower profile to qualify for free marketing materials, 6 months free marketing support and 1 year of company profit sharing for a local-food related non-profit of your choice.
If there was a new option for selling direct to consumers that was 100% free to you as a farmer and it was easy to maintain would that be worth a look?

What is it?   A farm to table mobile app that puts farmers first; backed by two companies that are committed to driving the local food movement mainstream.  The app is 100% free for sellers & creates a nationwide mobile marketplace that draws in customers many farmers miss. 

Why:  Because we love local food, and believe that we have a real opportunity to educate Americans about where real food comes from and why small farms are so important to getting America healthy again physically & socially.

How are you different:   

1. App-only, no web-store to maintain

2. Growers pay ZERO to market & sell

3. Interactive map w/ real-time inventory

4. Direct reinvestment into your community

5. Tighter local focus = Less logistics issues

6. Very easy to use and manage activity

Many more details below

When can I get started?  

Today; watch the videos below to learn a little about the set up process then download the app.  When you set up your grower profile use the affiliate code "farmcomm" so we can help promote your farm and direct the money we reinvest into your community.

Who does this help?  

  • Farmers get a 100% free sales platform.  

  • Buyers get convenience & they get to pre-order produce for later pick-up​. 

  • Farmers markets more foot traffic. 

  • Communities get healthier & learn more about where food comes from.

Where does the $$ come from?  Buyers pay a 20% fee to complete a purchase in the app.  Some people have said  20% is a lot but compared to retail prices we are almost always cheaper. We have had very few customer complaints,  people expect to pay a little for quality & convenience.

More questions?  No problem, check out our FAQ below
These videos will help you get an idea of what to expect when setting up the Vinder app & getting ready to start selling.  If you have questions please ask. 
call or text: 806-680-2815

1.  Get registered as a grower after you download the app

3.  Adding products to your profile and changing inventory

2.  Complete your grower profile after your registration is complete

4.  Adding products part-2, plus messaging with customers & searching the map

5.  Promotional video suitable for email or social media

Frequently asked questions

I already sell at a farmers market, why would I do this?

Because lots of people that would buy your products at the market like to sleep in or have to work on market day. The app lets those people pre-order what they want and either get to market later on or meet you some other time during the week to get their farm fresh foods. Plus selling through the app saves you credit card fees & the hassle of bringing extra equipment with you to take caredit cards.

Can I put my CSA on the app?

A future update will allow for subscriptions and CSA's. Right now the best way to run your CSA through the app is the set up a standard box or products and put that for sale with a one day per week pickup or delivery option.

Can I sell to restaurants or retailers via the app?

Technically yes but it's not designed for that right now. A commercial sales module will be available after the direct to consumer platform is rolled out nationwide and the initial busienss goals for this phase are coomplished.

I want a lot of details, do you have a big list of the apps functions?

We sure do, please review the resources section below. It's also very informative to just downlaod the app and start setting things up, its a very intuitive process.

What can I sell on the app?

The app is designed to let you market & sell locally produced food items like you would legally be able to sell at a farmers market in your community, transactions will be completed face to face just like at the farmers market. All legal requirments involved with selling food items in your comunity must be observed and are the sellers responsibility.

We would like to be able to keep you informed about new features as they become available, as well as send you some free marketing support materials.  Please complete the information below to join our growers network 
How the app works & related thoughts

General info: 

  • The app is available for both Android & Apple devices

  • The app is free to download and browse farmers & farmers markets

  • The app lets farmers/sellers sell direct to consumers 100% free of charge (they don’t even pay credit card fees)

  • There is one login for both sellers & buyers – If you want to sell then set up your store under your account tab, if you don’t want to sell you don’t have to.

  • All food items the grower can legally sell at a farmer’s market are fair game for the app – compliance responsibility is with the farmer

  • The app markets the seller by putting a pin on the map that links to a grower profile with all of their products available for sale.

  • Only growers/sellers with items active in inventory are shown on the map (so buyers don’t waste time browsing something they cant buy)

  • If you pinch in/out you can change map size and you will see more sellers from further away.  The map defaults to about 25 miles away from where the user is. 

  • As you travel Vinder will find new growers close to where you are.

  • When an order is placed the grower has the option to accept or decline the order, if the order is accepted the buyer will be notified that it has been accepted

  • All transactions are completed face to face to ensure quality & satisfaction + eliminate charge-backs or returns.  All sales through the app are final, the grower is free to do as they choose in the case of an unhappy customer

  • The buyer is not charged until the transaction is completed and the seller/grower indicates they have delivered the product.


  • There is a messaging feature in the app that activates once an order is accepted.  Messaging allows for communication between buyer/seller without disclosing personal info (name, phone #, email)


  • Parts of the country may not have many buyers yet.  We are focusing on finding growers first, once we have good coverage in a city/state we will begin marketing for buyers in that area to get the app.

  • Community matters.  Vinder Inc. & FarmComm have chosen to work with a network of organizations that support local food production and sustainable agriculture to spread the word about the Vinder app.   Instead of paying big advertising firms we share some of our profits with groups that help promote local food production and educate the communities they are a part of because we want to support their work too.  This does not add any cost to the buyer or the seller.  Please use the affiliate code "farmcomm" when you set up your account, this helps us give back to communities & organizations that share our passion for local food production & that help us make this app available to you. ​​

  • **It is the sellers responsibility to conform with all laws concerning the sale of home-made food items in your area, just like you do with other in-person sales.  If you have a non-legal question about what is OK to sell please feel free to contact us.  Please check local laws & requirements before posting to avoid potential problems.

From the sellers perspective:

  • Growers / sellers can list their growing methods & distinctions (raised beds, hydroponic, organic, etc) in their profile if they want to.

  • Inventory is counted down automatically and sold out items are removed from view, but not from your product list so you don’t have to re-post the item.

  • Inventory can be manually changed on the fly & Items can be manually moved in/out of stock with a few taps to accommodate selling both on the app and in-person.


  • Sellers get paid via Stripe CC processing in about 2 days direct to their bank or debit card


  • When an order is placed the grower has the option to accept or decline the order


  • When sellers open the app they see the same thing buyers do.

  • To add items for sale tap the plus sign in the bottom middle of the screen.  Take a picture, add a short description, set your price, set your inventory level for how many are available via the app and save.  **If you are selling both in person & via the app at the same time, we recommend setting aside a certain amount of product to sell via the app so you don’t have to adjust inventory when you sell products in person.


  • When someone places an order for your products you will get a message in the app giving you the details of the order.  You can then either confirm the order as is or message the customer through the app if you need to change anything.


  • When you confirm the order your in-app inventory levels will be adjusted and the customer will be notified that their order has been confirmed.  A button to for them to complete the transaction will become available.


  • You can let orders pile up as the week goes on and then do all of your deliveries/pickups at once or you can fill one order at a time, depending on the pick-up/delivery options you set up in the app. **If you are going to accept pre-orders make sure to confirm the orders as they come in and communicate with your customers, so you are both on the same page.If you don’t confirm the orders the customer may think you refused the order and buy from another producer.

  • In the order history you will have a record for you to enter into your accounting system.  Future versions of the app will have integrations with accounting software.

From the buyers perspective:

  • When customers open the app, it shows them a map of growers in their local area as well as the items available from growers nearby

  • As the user/buyer travels, the app finds new growers close to their current GPS location. 

  • Prices including the fee still end up being less than retail almost every time. 

  • The buyer is not charged until the transaction is completed and the seller/grower indicates they have delivered the product.

  • If you order from multiple sellers and choose 'delivery' you will have multiple delivery fees

  • Customers can either tap on a farm’s map pin to see what that farm sells or use the search bar to find the products they want.  With local products showing up first on the list. 

  • When you search for products, items from your local area are listed first, then products from further away are listed.  Make sure when you ​click on a product it is from someone in your area.  

  • When the customer finds what they want they tap add to cart and select the amount to buy.  When they are done shopping, they select either pickup or delivery.  ​If delivery is chosen the customer enters their delivery address, then submits the order.  If a delivery fee is charged by the grower it will be shown.   ​**If delivery is chosen the delivery address must be entered before the order can be submitted.


  • Submitting the order sends a message to both the grower & the seller.  Tapping on the message opens an order detail as well as a chat window so the customer and the grower can discuss details if needed after the order has been submitted.

  • Very few buyers have had complaints about the fee because it makes sure they get the produce they want at their convenience instead of risking the farmer being sold out or settling for big box store quality.  Feedback has been that most items on Vinder cost less than grocery stores carying comparable items

Download the Vinder app and

Start selling direct for Free!

Use promo code 'farmcomm' when setting up your profile

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We have designed a variety of resources to help you introduce the Vinder app to your customers.  You can request these by email  after you get set up on the app.
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  • Logos
  • User Guides
  • Social Media Posts
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