Custom Farming & Gardening

Turn your green thumb into extra income   -or-   Get help starting your garden

Land Owners

If you have acreage or even a small plot that you would like to grow fruits & vegetables on but you don't know how to get started our custom farming service can put your ground to good use with options that let you be involved in the growing either a lot, a little or not at all.   From soil preparation on through to harvest and splitting the crop with you FarmComm can help.

Green Thumbs

Are you ready to take your green thumb to the next level ?  Do you want more land to expand your garden onto?  We have land available to grow on and we can help you get started.  At harvest tine we can either split the crop or help you sell whatever you don't want to keep for your self.  If you need Master Gardening training, we can help with that too.