Fast Farm Websites

Many farms don't need an elaborate website and don't want to manage an online store; they just want a place, other than social media, to tell their story, highlight their products and let people know how to buy from them.

We offer attractive, professionally designed 4 page websites that can have your story, products and brand online within a week to give yourself & your farm a little bit more credibility & a little bit more professionalism as you grow & get ready to sell to customers that expect you to have your own website and email (no more @gmail).


We use your words and pictures to tell your story online.  We will get everything set up and have you listed on Google with your own domain name ( and then teach you how to manage your own website.  No ongoing service charges, or fees of any kind, you own the website and you are in control after we get everything set up the way you want it.  Packages start @ $500 with custom websites & custom graphics available if needed.  Call 806-680-2815 to discuss your website needs and see a preview of what your website would look like.