Get paid while you promote local food production


Add yourself to the pre-registration list to be notified as soon as the app is available so you can be among the first in your area to be able to sell direct to local buyers without any fees or charges. 

Once the app is available when you first sign in make sure to use the referral code "farmcomm" to be pre-qualified for FarmComm revenue sharing specials & producer spotlight articles.  

Market Managers:

If you manage a farmers market, food hub or other group of local food producers get in touch with us ASAP.


FarmComm has been authorized to add qualified affiliates that will revenue share on the sales from every grower in your market that your refer- Without ANY cost to the grower, or you.

Our unique arrangement will even let you earn commissions from growers outside of your market as long as you refer them before another market manager does.

FarmComm has partnered with an an app development company that has created a mobile marketplace app that connects people seeking to buy locally produced food with growers & producers of locally produced food in a hyper local radius.  The app allows for searching, viewing and messaging between the buyer & the grower and handles the ordering & payment portion as well.  The transaction doesn't complete until the buyer & grower meet face to face (which is important for TX Cottage act laws) and the buyer is satisfied with the purchase. The buyer pays a fee for using the app so the growers get to keep 100% of the price they list their product for.  This lets gardeners & small farmers get into the direct-to-consumer food market in about 15 minutes without any setup fees.  

We have chosen not to reveal our development partners name until time for the regional marketing efforts that are being planned.  If you want to get in before the word spreads fast now is your time.  

This app is obviously a big win for growers, but it is also a win for people that care both about their community & knowing where their food comes from.  This app is great for both full & part time farmers & gardeners with extra produce, farmers market vendors that want to pre-sell some items or even commercial producers that want an easy direct-to-consumer channel. 

Market managers:  If you would like to see the commission / revenue share potential add yourself to the list and when we verify you position as a market manager you will get all the information about needed to get started as well as a calculator showing exactly how much you can make.    This is NOT a multi-level program.  There is only one level of resellers (FarmComm) and one level of market managers, after that there are no other tiers for referral profit sharing.

If you have questions feel free to ask them in the form or at