Farm to Consumer

FarmComm makes a variety of innovative agricultural technologies and services available to individuals in order to make  personal farm-to-table & local farm product sourcing easier for families & individuals.  We also screen & vet new technologies for small producers & family farms that don't have time to do all of their own research

Farm to business

The technologies FarmComm makes available make it easier for farmers & buyers to connect & grow their business. 

Producers gain access to new markets and tools that help them run their operation & sell their products.​  Buyers get easy access to producers that are ready to sell at commercial volume.​

Farm & Community

FarmComm helps communities & community organizations start or expand agricultural promotion & production programs.  We can work with food banks, co-ops, economic  development groups, municipalities, community development groups & others to engage your community and grow the 'new-ag" sector of your local economy.  


It is encouraging to see people & groups across the country working to increase amount of locally sourced food and farm-products purchased in their communities.  This shift is driving innovation in farms & agribusinesses as new technologies & business models gain ground on the  production, product usage, distribution, and sales methods and that have dominated agriculture for decades.  FarmComm works to speed the introduction and application of these technologies.


  • Farmers - What do you grow?

  • Buyers - What business are you in?

  • Technology partners - What does your tech do?

  • Investors- What are you looking for?

  • Feedback  - Whats on your mind?

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